Initially, Whatsapp was launched in the year 2009 and this messaging service became more popular in the year 2013. It has crossed about two hundred million folks who are using Whatsapp actively and it has crossed about one billion as of 2016. The statistical statement says that a number of messages sent for a day are about one billion in 2011 to about sixty-four billion in the year 2014. The reason for its popularity is that the gigantic message service offers the features which are similar to that of the other messaging apps, which allows sending and receiving the text and media messages to their friends, relatives, and colleagues over the internet.

The app is feasible for all the platforms (Android, iOS, and Blackberry) and it is also integrated into a person’s contact number. So once when they sign up the contacts are displayed automatically from phone’s contact book. This is the major reason for this gigantic message service to be succeeded where the others failed. It is tied up only with a particular operating system and it has eradicated a huge number of tedious tasks. There are a huge number of features available in Whatsapp and hence it is seen in a unique manner comparing to that of the other messaging apps.

Option of Video Calling

Whatsapp has recently introduced an option of video calling in order to provide a better communication for the users. This is the latest update to this gigantic messaging service similar to that of the Skype and Apple’s FaceTime where the folks can call one another with the real-time video. This update is available in all phones like Android, iOS and Windows devices etc. With this recent update, the folks can be given the option to call their friends and colleagues through the video or voice call where both the options are available instantly on the screen.

The billion user messaging app has added the ability for the folks to draw on images similar to that of the Snapchat, Instagram, and iMessage. Snapchat also has the options of both voices calling and video calling. More recently Google has introduced two new communication apps namely Duo (video calling app) and Allo (Smart messaging app). Facebook also have invested in the option of video calling on its Messenger platform and nearly three hundred million folks use the instantly available options of voice and video calling each month. It has also added Live Video to Messenger, which let the folks send a reticent stream of what they are doing at the particular moment.

The company has launched Instant Video recently that enables a person to start a wide stream with their friends or colleagues in a conversation at the same time they are going through. As the video stream is silent the folks can open it when they are in an occasional meeting or somewhere.

The most popular Emojis

The Emojis are the most popular animated pictures where one can see in texts and the instant messages. It is most commonly used as a character of text. There are many facial expressions like a star or a cake or anything. These emojis were introduced in the year 1990 s in Japan and it is a means of communicating with the pictures. The word emojis is a combination of picture, writing, and character.

What are the main differences between emojis and emoticons?

The word emoticon is a combination of emotion and icon. The real fact of emojis is that they are actually regulated one and also they have given a statement of approval. In the real world, they are treated as a language and also most of the applications and the browsers support this emojis. These emojis are perfectly rendered pictures and the emoticons are just text-based characters which are mainly meant to represent the facial expressions.

Most of the people get confused between emoticons and emojis s because there are some emoticons which are similar to that of emojis. Since the year 1980, a nonprofit governing body has been working in order to promote uniformity in the computer coding. The emojis are the most needed one for the cross-cultural communication for today’s world.

Why should a person use emojis?

Most of the kids love to use emojis and also it is a trendy one. They are mobile friendly and no doubt in it. Most of the folks read content by using their mobile phones. In order to avoid the messages becoming a longer one, these emojis can be used. It is an attractive company voice which is going currently going across all the platforms and one can improve the communication a lot.

New Feature Draw over Pictures

Recently WhatsApp has added a new feature of new photo and video features which also includes the ability to write and draw on the photo similar to that of the Snapchat, Instagram, and iMessage. It also includes a list of tools in order to customize the images and videos that let the folks take better photos within the app. This option is available on both iOS and Android. If this feature is not available then it is better to update the app so that a person can use this option in a reliable manner. It also includes the ability of add captions, drawings and also sections of black and white. If a user wants to edit the photos or videos then take a shot or open from the album and use the pen option.

Whether Whatsapp going to ban for the embarrassing messages?

In order to prevent the awkward messages, Whatsapp is working on a new feature so that the folks can recall the messages sent within five minutes. Before the receiver reads the message on the phone, this feature will allow the folks to ‘unsend’ the messages. A recent report says that Whatsapp is testing the addition as an option in the beta version of its latest update, which will be available on iOS also in the future. By using this feature a person can edit or revoke messages that have been sent within a few minutes. Yet there is no any confirmation that the text have been delivered and read or it is in the transit state.

The company has already started testing a recall feature a year ago. This testing has been done in the beta version of its app that would let the folks delete and edit messages that are still yet to be read. When the Apple releases its next iOS update it is expected that this feature will be released within this year. This feature is just an optional one where the folks can adjust the settings by using two modes in the settings turn it on and off which is more or less similar to that of the read and last online notifications.

The gigantic messaging service is also trialing live messages so that the folks send the messages that change in real-time for a certain period of time. If two friends are unable to meet in a busy location they can use the live location option for a certain period of time until they find each other. There are many updates available like one can report for a conversation and also reply to the status messages.

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