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Perhaps you must have met and dealt with an unethical seller at some point in life. They would have little or no details about the product they’re selling but would try to provoke you to buy the product at that particular moment. Such dealers are still in the market even today; only that they’ve upped their game. Now that you’re in search of heavy equipment to buy, you might easily fall for their tricks if you’re not keen enough. Fortunately, the following tips can help you avoid such unethical sellers when buying your preferred equipment. Please read on.

1. Make a Decision of Your Equipment

Information is power. No one can manipulate you when you know exactly what you want and how you want it. And buying your heavy equipment is no exception. Ensure you know the equipment you’re going for if it’s for personal or commercial use, and if you’re going brand new or a used one. You’ll need to decide on the equipment’s add-ons such as maintenance plan, insurance, attachments, and warranties. Decide also on your preferred brand and the must-have specifications that suits your current short-term needs with a potential of future improvements.

You need to also consider the possibility of selling equipment in the future while in a good condition and for a good price. You could also be having equipment you want to sell so you can channel the funds towards your preferred equipment. There are quite a number of platforms where you can auction your used equipment at convenient terms. You can visit to learn more.

2. Get Several Quotes

There’s a high chance you’ll find several dealers in your area selling your equipment of interest. You can identify such dealers along with their contact information. If you’re going brand new, your best option would be to contact the authorized dealers of a particular manufacturer. For used equipment, you’ll find quite a number of dealers and you might fall victim of buying from an unethical seller if you’re not keen enough. On the bright side, you’ll get equipment in good condition at a fairly competitive price that won’t cause deep dents on your personal finance. Do a little research to get the equipment’s going price the get multiple quotes from different dealers to use in making a better decision.

3. Get References and Reviews

One good thing about reviews is that they don’t just tell you about the equipment in question but the dealer as well. This is a good place to start once you’ve decided on your equipment and the price you’re willing to pay for it. You can get the reviews by contacting some of the past clients of a particular seller. Here, you should ask for their experience with the seller and the equipment and if there were any unusual complications with their equipment. You can also read some of the reviews online for more details. Ensure to have a good rapport with the dealers before making your decision, especially if you’re to buy new equipment.

4. Insist on Proper Documentation

Unethical sellers are well known for not having proper documentation for most of their equipment. For used equipment, check for their authenticity and if it’s new equipment, carefully go through the fine print and the purchase contract including all the conditions surrounding factors like lapses in warranties and insurance. Asking and insisting on proper documentation will be vital for eliminating these unethical sellers from your list. You’ll then remain with genuine dealers where you’ll make a decision on the one to purchase from.


Most sellers employ different tricks aimed at closing deals as fast as possible. Some of these tricks are unethical and can affect you and your business in one way or another. You need to understand the possible red flags to avoid falling victim of such dealers. The tips in this are enough to guide you to avoid unethical sellers during your search for your preferred equipment. You can also refer to other relevant blogs to learn more about equipment buying and unethical sellers. All the best on your search!

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