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Purchasing and renovating existing buildings in a location that will be good for business but is fully built up, maybe a good business move. Also, saving older buildings is often less costly than purchasing an empty lot and constructing a new commercial building. It is also better for the environment in many cases. Each existing building being considered for purchase and renovation should be carefully inspected by a professional consulting firm to make sure it is structurally sound and that renovation will be cost-effective.

Make Sure the Building is Right for the Project

A business that is considering purchasing a building for renovation should make sure the basic building size and configuration can be realistically renovated to meet the company’s needs. Is this the best location for the business to locate in? Consider parking, traffic patterns, and proximity to the customers the business wants to attract. What environmental challenges will a major renovation encounter? Is there asbestos or dangerous mold to deal with? Are there hazardous chemicals on or under the lot or in the building? It would be wise to look into Cochran or other engineering consultants to get answers to these questions.

Who Tests the Building?

The correct consulting firm will offer services such as civil engineering, land surveying, architecture, construction services, and geotechnical and environmental services. Getting a good feasibility study for each potential renovation site can save money and help with the final purchase and renovation decision. There are numerous considerations that might be overlooked without the professional help of an engineering consulting company’s inspection. They can include:

  1. Site evaluation with feasibility recommendation
  2. Building foundation evaluation and recommendations along with retaining wall design and report
  3. Subsurface exploration including hydrology and geology studies
  4. Slope stability study along with settlement report and monitoring
  5. Excavation and shoring study and report as well as soils treatment and report
  6. Seismic readings and recommendations
  7. Hazardous chemical and asbestos search and remediation plan if needed

If all the testing and reports show that the building and its lot are a good choice for purchase and renovation, the plans can go forward with less risk. The key is choosing the best professionals to do the testing and remediation design.

How to Choose a Good Asbestos Testing and Removal Company

Asbestos is one of the most important dangers to look for in potential building purchase and renovation projects. It is not a building material that can be removed by the demolition crew at the start of a renovation. Asbestos is a danger to the worker and public health if the product containing it is damaged or in poor condition. This a hazard that must be removed by professional crews following mandated protocols.

Choose a consulting firm that is experienced and licensed. A licensed company has proven they can do the job properly and that their workers have been trained to do the removal correctly and safely. Make sure the company has insurance for worker injury or liability. It is worth paying a little more to get a better company to do the work correctly.

Additional Tips For Hiring Asbestos Abatement Companies

Hiring a well-known engineering company that offers all the services needed for the renovation project will save time and money. These companies are considering the total environment in and around the building, not just the asbestos risk. Do not forget to verify any company’s claims and credentials. Choose the company that offers the correct collection of services for the renovation project.

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