Technologies Help in Changing the Quality of Education
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21st century is called the era of technology. Now new terms and techniques are used in every field. Every field is digitalized and developed to various extents. At first, technology has brought massive changes in every single field. Then the internet connections to various technologies and various instruments brought a massive development and helped every field to achieve its goal. It helped to complete every simple and complex task in a fraction of minutes. Recently came the era of digital learning and developments. Main changes happened due to it can be seen in the educational field. Now the classroom itself called smart class helped to modify the teaching methods and brought positive changes in educational systems and learning process. It really helped to enhance the standard of teaching and learning. Teachers and students are benefited by the inventions of technology and digital learning methods.

It’s in the past when teachers used chalk, blackboard and the dusters. Now the classroom and educational institutions are completely modified and going hand in hand with the technological era. Now almost more than 70% of schools and educational institutions are developed and digitalized. Teachers act as instructors in the classroom. Students get all the learning and real time experience through technological devices. So through the use of technologies and digital devices ,quality of education enhanced and in the future, the quality will reach to its top most level.

Use of computers in each class

Education is all about teaching and learning process. When a teacher teaches a particular lesson the student must be able to understand the concept and the ideas of the subject, In the past teacher didn’t had any kind of technological devices or other sources but now each and every class is called as a smart class where teacher use computers and laptops to make class interesting and give the students the real-life experience. It really helped students as well as the teachers to reach the idea of perfection.

Developed good rapport with the teacher

Communication is the very important aspect of teaching and learning process. In olden days teacher and the student doesn’t have any kind of relationship. They will just teach and leave. They will provide some notes which we have to write down. That kind of system has existed in the past. But when the time changed, new developments and new inventions are made and accepted by the educational field. Along with that the relationship between teacher and student also changed. They have a cordial relationship. It’s very important to have a good rapport then only the class will be interesting and attractive one. As now the education process is all activity based everyone should participate in that process. So we can say that technology has brought a good relationship between teacher and students which surely increased the quality of teaching and learning.

Real life experience

Teachers are able to provide real-life experience to the students. It will make the classroom more interesting and students will show their interest and will be very alert in the classroom. By the use of YouTube and other channels, teacher will be able to show videos related to the lessons and particular chapters which will be very useful to the students. We know that visuals have the deep impact on the mind when comparing to the verbal presentations. So using audio-visual aids in the classroom will be helpful for teachers to raise the quality of teaching.

Individual learning

When the technology is used in the field of education it has a deep positive impact on students and on their parents. Parents are always worried about their child’s education and learning stages. So they always have an eye on their child which is very good when we see from parent’s angle. But we should give the space to the children to study in their own wish. Technology offers students great opportunities to make their learning more successful and useful. Students can learn their subjects and particular concepts according to their space which will improve the quality of learning. They can learn when they are free and when they are confident enough to gain knowledge.

Collect information

Students will be able to collect information and facts which are very important to them. In some textbook materials we may not get all the relevant information but through the browser, students will be able to get all kind of information which is connected to their lessons. Apart from this online classes provided by professional teachers are available on internet. These have provided an opportunity of learning to the children who do not have access to schools. People who love self learning rather than the classroom learning system are also benefited from the online classes.

These are some benefits of technology through which we are able to raise the quality of education. Technology is used in every field which helped to make complex task easy in a short period of time. Through the use of technology, students can improve their diction and writing skills. So in every sense, we can say that technology has brought a positive change in the field of education and helped to enhance the quality of education.

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