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Are you looking to boost your business but find something missing? Is the growth not as quick as you expected it to be?

Successful businesses usually have one thing in common. They listen to their customers.

They ask the right questions to know just what needs to improve in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.

So if you are looking to do the same, surveys can be a great way to get started. They help you understand your clients; learn what they like about your business and what they don’t. This allows you to gather actionable insights into how you can improve.


There are many kinds of surveys you can send out, depending on your end goal.

Market Research:

The first step to improving your product is to understand what your market really wants. That’s where market research surveys come into play. Observing people’s reactions to products similar to yours and understanding their buying patterns will give you valuable insights into charting the path ahead.

Follow-Up Surveys:

Has a client bought something expensive from you? It’s best to follow up and ask for feedback to understand if everything was as expected. Not only will this tell you whether your product meets the client’s demands, but it lets the customers know that they are valued.

Customer Demographic and Persona:

If you are looking to deepen your bond with your customers, send out surveys asking for information beyond your product category. Perhaps ask them about their likes and dislikes, hobbies, and more.

Not only will this allow you to know your customers, it will also give you ideas about expanding your product range, or enable you to provide personalized product recommendations.

Crowd-Sourcing and Quizzes:

Looking to change your logo? Perhaps your tagline needs a revamp, or maybe you just want to change the signature brand color – poll your customers! People love to give their opinion. Besides, this will actively involve your customers in your brand. Increasing such interaction allows them to become a part of your enterprise, and encourages a sense of loyalty as well.

Performance Tracking:

Keep your employees accountable for their customer interactions. Performance tracking allows your customers to rate a conversation with a customer care executive, ensuring that they are receiving the best service.

This will also give you some idea about a gap in your CX, directing you to just what needs to be modified to improve retention.

Employee Surveys:

No customer experience is ever complete without talking about employee experience. After all, happy employees make for happy customers.

So conduct pulse surveys, talk to your employees, and understand what they require to give your customers their very best.


Surveys can provide small businesses with a distinct competitive edge. Using surveys to their full potential can help your organization grow rapidly and effectively. Below are some of the key benefits of surveying your customers:

Getting to Know Your Audience:

The best businesses spend a fortune on customer persona research. You can begin doing that with creating surveys. Analyze the most common trends and see what your customers seem to like.

This will help you develop marketing strategies that directly target your customers and also help you learn other potential target markets.

Assess Customer Satisfaction:

When you are running an enterprise, it isn’t always possible to oversee every aspect carefully. That’s why customer satisfaction surveys can tell you when something is amiss.

Are you doing everything you can? Is there something that can be done better? The surveys will tell you immediately if your customers are happy or not, letting you know if you are on the right track.

Validate Your Ideas:

Perhaps you are thinking of launching a new product line, or a limited edition collection. Understanding the market demand will help you predict the success of your venture and tell you if you should go ahead.

After all, loyal customers are 7 times more likely to try something new than those new to your brand, so why not hear it straight from the horse’s mouth?

Increase Customer Loyalty:

Customers that know they are cared for are less likely to leave you than those who feel neglected.

Even a bad customer experience is a chance for you to improve. So when you reach out and try to understand just what went wrong, you will learn exactly what needs to be changed to increase customer loyalty.

Enhance your CX:

When you are listening to your customers, you are bound to understand what needs to be done to enhance their entire journey. It allows you to not only improve on focused tasks, but ensure that the complete customer experience is optimized for maximum benefit.

Surveying your customers can help you easily identify the pain points in your organization and improve on them effectively. This not only gives you a leg up in the market, but will also boost company growth and help better your brand recall and value.

With the numerous easily accessible survey tools available online, there is no excuse for not getting in touch with your customers today! Identify your core questions, create a survey, and start asking the right questions.

The best tools won’t just give you answers, but they will analyze the survey responses to help you read between the lines and develop your growth strategy. So what are you waiting for?

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