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A few years ago, radios and record players were the most popular ways you could listen to music. But technology has been constantly advancing and, because of it, new, convenient methods have been introduced. You can now listen to your favorite music through any of the relevant systems, websites, and apps. Finding the right platform that meets your needs can be very challenging. Perhaps learning about some of the most popular ways can save you much time and from associated challenges. Please read on.


This is not news to you, it’s the most famous platform for music (and other clips as well). Perhaps you’ve used it a thousand and one times to listen to your favorite music. Here, you just search for the song you want to listen to, and chances are you can get a full-on music video, live concert video, or a lyric video. But what if you want to listen to an MP3 version of the song? Well, you can use a YouTube Converter software to convert and download an audio file of the song, which you can enjoy listening to later on at your own comfort. Isn’t that amazing?


This is one of the most popular platforms where you can stream your favorite music. The service contains a variety of almost every type of music both old-school and latest. You just search the song you want to listen to and enjoy it for free (if it’s ad-supported) or pay for the premium subscription and skip the ads. With Spotify also, you can find several pre-made playlists where you can choose which one to listen to depending on the mood you’re in at that particular time.


This is yet another popular online music streaming platform that allows you to listen to your favorite music one after another. By selecting a song you want to listen to, the platform will provide a whole slew of related music that you can listen to on a variety of devices. You can choose the free version, which is ad-supported or opts for a paid version which you’ll pay a certain amount per month.

Google Play Music

This is among the fastest growing-platforms for listening to music online. The service has a huge music library where you can search and listen to your favorites at any particular time. The platform contains occasional ads (except the paid subscriptions), but they mostly appear when starting a radio – which allows you to browse based on certain moods, time, genres, or age (specifically kids). You can also enjoy the podcasts feature and enjoy uploading your own music, which you can listen to wherever you’re.


This music platform combines a custom music streaming service and a live radio app into one app and website. By choosing your preferred genre and city, iHeartRadio will display all the radio stations matching your search criteria, and all you’ll need to do is to pick one and start listening immediately. You can also create your own custom stations if you don’t want to the radio, in which case you only have to choose the songs you want to listen to. With the app, you can enjoy features like the sleep timer and an alarm which stops and resumes playing your selected music respectively.    


There are several ways to listen to your favorite music at any given time. Knowing which music platforms to look will perhaps save you the hassle of having to try different platforms before finding the one that suits your needs. These are just some of the most popular ways that you can listen to your preferred music. However, most of the services are ad-based and you may opt for paid subscriptions to get rid of the ads. Enjoy listening to your favorite music or radio station!

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