Scammed Buying Tickets

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Ticket fraud is slowly becoming a rising crime worldwide. How will you feel if you get to the venue of an event you have anticipated for a long and then you are told that your ticket is fake or has already been
used or cancelled? I guess you will be infuriated and sad, right? Continue reading this article to learn how to buy tickets online without getting scammed. This article will also provide tips on how to not get scammed buying tickets.

How To Not Get Scammed Buying Tickets

Many scammers trick people into buying fake tickets online on fake websites they have created, and sometimes, you might even have handed over cash to a ticket seller to realize later that you have been
scammed. You must avoid ticket scams. That is why the following tips are vital information you and everybody else will need.

1. Buy Ahead of Time:

To avoid getting scammed buying tickets, you should purchase the tickets on time. It is because when you buy tickets late, you risk being scammed. After all, you are buying out of pressure. Buying tickets as early as possible reduces the likelihood of getting scammed.

Suppose you buy from a site with consumer protection or probably a website registered with the association of Tickets Brokers. In that case, It is unlikely that you will be scammed, and if you get scammed, you can charge back or recover your money.

2. Secured Payment Platforms:

You can buy tickets online without getting scammed by ensuring that you use a secured payment platform to pay for the ticket. If the ticket you purchased is fake or defective,  you will have a good chance of getting your money back.

3. Get the Seller’s Info:

One of the ways how to not get scammed buying tickets is to get the seller’s info. Try your best to get the seller’s information before you buy a ticket from them. If the seller is hesitant to provide adequate info on himself, consider that a red flag and do not make the purchase.

Ask for the seller’s ID card, Facebook username, or username of their other social media accounts. You can also provide your info to the seller. Since you all are strangers to each other, it is essential to build trust, and in the case of any problem, you have the info about each other, and you can handle the issue in the best possible way.

4. Ask for Vouchers:

If the seller is a person who claims to sell tickets, it is wise to ask for vouchers or reviews. A voucher will be someone who had previously purchased tickets from a person if the seller owns a website. To buy tickets without getting scammed, you can ask for vouchers to comment on the site’s legitimacy or seller’s.

5. Buy Tickets From Verified websites only:

Whether you are buying a plane ticket, bus ticket, or concert ticket to see your favourite artist, ensure that you buy from a legitimate website. You can
enquire about the correct website address before you make your purchase so that you do not get scammed.

6. Verify:

When you are being offered a ticket for sale online, be cautious about it. Make sure you verify. If a ticket is sold for $500 and you have an offer from a seller to buy the same ticket for $70 or $100, that is a red flag. You can also report a scammer to the relevant authorities if you have been scammed. That is why getting the seller’s information is essential, as stated above in number 3.


In the quest to purchase a ticket, do not rush. Take your time to ask questions, verify and buy your tickets ahead of time or when they are on sale.  This article centres on helping you avoid ticket scams, and it has also provided tips on how to not get scammed buying tickets online or even physically.

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