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Children’s safety is the top priority of every parent in the current era of the internet. Parents are always insecure about what their children are doing on mobile phones and try to ensure their safety wherever they are.

In the current time there are endless possibilities where your child can go so it becomes very difficult for the parents to keep track of their whereabouts. There are several reports of harassment, abduction, and other crimes related to children.

But thankfully with the invention of technology and monitoring software, you monitor where your children are and track their real time location finding out their exact whereabouts.

FoneMonitor: Track your Children’s Real-Time Location


FoneMonitor is an online application that allows you not only to remotely monitor your child’s location but also control their activities on the phone from your own device. It is a trusted application which is used by billions of users around the world.

Its features like no jailbreaking, affordable subscription plans, and stay hidden make it the best go to choice when it comes to tracing the location or keeping an eye on one’s phone.

FoneMonitor is surely one of the most reliable and secure apps, so check this to find the best phone tracker (Trace the location, read all the messages, access to social media accounts, know all their login credentials, or see photos or videos).

Features of FoneMonitor:

  • It helps you to find out the exact location of the user until their last meter
  • You can check all the places they had visited in the past anytime in the near or far past.
  • You can choose the variety of use for example 3D view or street view etc.
  • This application is compatible with computers, any mobile phone, tab, MacBook, or laptops.
  • It has a very user friendly interface that allows you to navigate through different categories swiftly.
  • The sign up comprises a single step, there you only need to enter your email ID and password to start with.
  • Track the cell phone location, you need to go through three simple steps; sign up for free, configure the app using instructions on the screen, get the Wi-Fi GPS data of others cell phones in real time.

Why do you need to track your children’s location?

The number of child abuse is increasing day by day that is why parents should be more concerned about the child’s security. For the more they should constantly watch who their child is visiting every day and home the meat while there on the way from school or college to home.

This ensures that your child is on the right path and is not seeing someone who can misguide him. As a parent you can use various apps to track the location and monitor whom your child is meeting and where is he going. This is a quite good idea rather than regretting later on.

Sometimes other than controlling your child’s social media accounts for keeping an eye on the text messages and the gallery, tracking real time location becomes very important.

Fortunately with the advancement in technology you can do it by sitting on your couch just by signing up to some online spy applications such as FoneMonitor. Its uniqueness, safety and cost effectiveness makes it the best choice for parents.

What to keep in mind while tracking the activities of your child?

As a parent you should be aware of the thorny problems related to many online apps designed to track others. These technologies are much more devastating for a parent and child relationship if they are not used in the best way. Here are the 3 reasons why?

  • The very first reason is these tracking apps are not designed to help you surveillance your child to make money by gathering a lot of information and selling it to the companies.
  • As you can access the photos, videos, contact numbers, personal messages and login credentials using these applications, there is always a risk of leaking private data. This information reveals valuable data about people which can be easily used by someone else
  • If your child finds out that you are tracking him by any chance, it can break the trust and spoil your relationship.

Which app to use to track your child’s location?

There are a number of applications that allow you location tracking but to use the best one offers you hidden tracking without letting your child know. It is designed in such a way that keeps you entirely secret while you are tracking someone’s location. There is no chance that the user can find out about it.

Furthermore it ensures that you do not have to jailbreak someone’s phone in order to view their location. This is something that not many location trackers offer you.


In the era of internet & technology, it becomes crucially important to keep an eye on the internet activity of your child. There are numerous apps available that allow your parenting spy, FoneMoniter is one such app.

It offers you an easy and user-friendly interface and makes it the perfect location tracker without letting the other person find out.

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