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Do you hear “work from home”? The first thing that annoys most of us- “how am I supposed to keep the internet going?”

When you are doing work from home and working on your laptop, you will need not a good but a perfect internet connection; otherwise, you will put your impression on the boss and the job! You can also get a complete guide IP login as per on IPRouterLogin.

What To Do?

So, what is it that you can do to have uninterrupted internet to complete the work from home and submit on time- Let me guide you!


Sometimes, the router that you use is heated up, which leads to a slower internet connection. You have to unplug the router, wait for 30 seconds, and plug it back in after 30 seconds. This should help you to increase the speed of your net easily.

Check your Modem and router:

If the first trick does not work, you can also check on the modem that you use. Here, you will first have to unplug the router, then the modem, wait for half a minute, and then plug them back in. But, make sure that here, you first plug the modem and then the router.

Rent a modem:

You can always rent a good modem from any ISP(Internet Service Provider) for yourself. I recommend that you check what modem your locals are renting to find a good one.

If your modem has become old, its speed and function decrease, so make sure you get it replaced by your ISP. They will usually quickly get it done if you continuously face the problem.

Buy your modem:

If you continuously face your rented modems, it will be better for you to buy one. Also, it will be cheaper to buy it for once than paying the rent every month.

When you buy a modem, the internet provider usually sends the DOCSYS 3.0, which supports the internet and helps run the internet better. But, you should call at the time of order to make sure they send it along with your modem.

Install a firmware:

Firmware help to increase the speed of the internet significantly. They can be easily installed on your laptop. Tomato and DDWRT are some free firmware replacements.

Some more alternatives:

However, even after this, if your router’s speed does not increase, you’ll have to buy a new one.

The DNS:

Open DNS and Google DNS are both good and free DNS(domain name systems) options. You can check on the website’s ‘DNS Benchmark’ to test your DNS. It will test and tell you what DNS will be faster for you.

ICSI Netalyzr:

This option is on the technical side, but running the ICSI Netalyzr on your laptop/desktop will help you to find the problem areas on your network. Fun fact, it is from UC Berkeley; ICSI stands for “International Computer Science Institute.”

Dual ISP:

A great idea for having good internet is to have two ISP connections. You can attach these two connections to a firewall that will use both connections. So, if you come across a problem with one connection, you will have another to back you up.

Another suggestion here is that you should get one connection wired and the other wireless. This will help you to take one offline for upgrade or maintenance and keep the other running. Although this is a costlier option, it will decrease your risk of an unstable internet connection.

Choose the right ISP:

The internet service provider is the one on whom you are highly dependent for a good internet connection. If your ISP fails, you, too, are sure to get no help.

Therefore, it is most important that you choose the right Internet Service Provider. For this, you will have to research a bit and find out which one has the least downtime in your area.

Microcells or Femtocells:

You can buy Microcells or Femtocells, which are small, low-power cellular base stations that connect to the cellular network to get a good connection and maintain it. It is known to boost the speed of your network connection dramatically.

Network repeater:

Network repeaters are put across an apartment that faces internet connectivity of Wi-Fi. They are put across the apartment to ensure that the network gets stabilized and exponentially boosts the connection in all the areas of your apartment.

Signal booster:

A signal booster comprises two antennas and an amplifier, of which one antenna is installed to the outside of your apartment.

The other is installed inside, and the amplifier that connects them both and relays the signal both ways. Some of these signal boosters both amplify and repeat the signals.

However, some only repeat the signals, and also some are designed for lower frequency, and some for broad area coverage. So, it is necessary you check which one suits your needs best before you make any purchase.

Some other ways to readily have a good internet connection are accessing your local Starbucks, any cafeteria or fast-food joints or airports, etc., where you can get free public Wi-Fi.

Some people have nowadays also come up with the idea of temporarily moving to the countryside to get good internet for peaceful work from home during these stressful COVID times.

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