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A long time ago there was an era where family lineage would determine the flow line of businesses in the world. Surpassing the old customs, we live in an age where every person carries an ambition to make a name for them by doing something unique. All the focus is shifted towards creating a website as the internet has become the greatest means of reaching out to the world. However, is creating a site that easy? Millions of websites in the world carry the same cause. Moreover, you need something more than an ambition to set foot in the webspace, and the very first step of entering the internet world is by buying a domain and a hosting service.

What’s The Use of Hosting?

Hosting services make sure that the content you post on your website is visible to the whole world. The process of updating your website becomes a lot easier when you have a hosting company on your side aiding you in making people watch over your content with the assurance of never letting your site go down ever. It also offers many features and design tools to build your website and enhance its appearance to attract the audience. From blogging sites to e-commerce sites, you can construct all kinds of websites with the help of the hosting provider without breaking any sweat out of your body. They even offer security features and a support team that stays up 24/7 to serve you well and takes care of any issues related to your site.

Type of Web Hosting

Shared Hosting

It is the most popular and cheapest hosting service available in the market. Instead of having a dedicated server only for one site, you can host numerous websites on the server simultaneously.

Also, if you ask me for a recommendation, SiteGround is the best shared hosting company present in the market. You can even read the complete review of SiteGround Hosting services here.

Cloud Hosting

It is a type of hosting that offers shared computer data and resources to devices on demand. The data is usually mirrored across multiple servers to reduce downtime.

Dedicated Hosting

It is a type of hosting that offers an entire server to a particular business with full root access. Thus, with dedicated hosting, hardware and maintenance fees are removed.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

It is a type of hosting offers the features of Dedicated Hosting at a cheaper rate as the business takes a lease of a part of a dedicated server for its use.

The other types of hosting are Reseller Hosting, In-House Hosting, Colocation Hosting, WordPress Hosting, etc. However, among these, those mentioned above four hosting services are most widely used by bloggers.

What To Look In A Hosting Service?

As there are various types of hosting services available in the market, you need to pinpoint your requirements and choose hosting for you accordingly. For smaller traffic, you can always settle with Shared Hosting. For enhancing your protection and performance compared to Shared Hosting, you should opt for Cloud Hosting. Dedicated Hosting is for users who want full control over their website servers. At last, VPS Hosting is for people who can’t afford to sign up for Dedicated Hosting. Thus, they can simply take a part of Dedicated Hosting and avail all of its features at a cheaper rate with VPS Hosting.

The other thing that you should look for is the working interface of the hosting company and what features they are offering to their customers. Pick a service that provides 24/7 customer support and all the necessary features that make the whole process more efficient and easier for you. Know your needs and take decisions as per those requirements.

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