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Hiver is a powerful collaboration tool that is built on top of Gmail. It is designed in such a way that it allows you to collaborate and communicate with your team right out of the Inbox. It’s minimalistic design integrates well with your email. Additionally, Hiver is easy to learn and use on a daily basis.


Our inboxes contain emails with information essential to running a business/team. Often, we try to collaborate through our emails, for example, by forwarding an email to a team member and asking them to work on it. This is an acceptable process if you are dealing with one or two emails, but for several such emails across a huge team can make it a very messy process.

Hiver aims to streamline and smoothen this collaboration process without leaving the comfort of the mailbox. It’s many features help team members delegate, assign, and monitor tasks easily, amongst other benefits.

For example, conventionally you would delegate a task to a team member by forwarding them the email from the client; with Hiver, you can use the Shared Labels (screenshot below) feature to delegate tasks with just a click or two. You can label the email as ‘Task : Jack’ and share it with Jack; Jack will then get a notification and will work on the email. After he is done, he will add another label to the email, ‘Task: Done’ and you will get a notification about the same. This way you can easily both delegate and monitor tasks.

Hiver-Productivity Tool

Hiver Features

  • Hiver’s Shared Mailbox helps you run shared generic email accounts like efficiently by turning your inbox into a helpdesk. It allows multiple people to use the common inbox, without
  • hindering the collaboration. For example, the Shared Mailbox comes with a side tab that displays which email have been assigned and to whom, and which emails have not been assigned. This way your team knows
  • who is working on what and you can avoid collisions and confusion.
  • You can create email templates and share it with others.
  • Shared Notes let you leave notes on an email (much like sticky notes) for others to see.
  • You can schedule your emails to be sent at a later time, making sure it is delivered exactly at the time you want it in the recipient’s inbox.
  • Email snooze feature allows you to set an email to come back to your inbox at a later time, serving essentially as an email reminder so that you don’t forget about important emails.
  • You can see when one of your team members is typing a response to a client email, preventing you from those awkward situations when two team members reply to the same email.
  • Shared Drafts is fairly new feature, that allows you to share a the draft of an email with a teammate so that they can edit/read/add inputs before sending it out.

Along with allowing smooth collaboration, Hiver’s many features help you manage email effectively. The tool makes the messy business of team collaboration as smooth and frictionless as possible.

Hiver Pricing

For up to 3 users, Hiver comes free; for up to 10 users it costs $6 per user annually; from 10 to 50 users, it costs $12 annually per user; for more than 50 users, custom plans are offered.


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