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The world of video making is changing every turning day, and you must know that the competition is also increasing every other day, so everyone related to video making and publishing is in a tight spot these days. If you are planning on starting a YouTube channel or are facing problems in your current situation then you should simply read this essay as this is going to help you a lot in the managing and the improvement of your videos, you can easily grab traffic and more business after reading today’s content. If you want to take an edge in this competition, then go for this content and learn about valuable tips!

You must know that a compelling video banner which is also known as thumbnail can help you a lot in getting new users. You should know that thumbnails do not only attract users but also compels them to click on the content and watch it completely. The compulsion of watching is the most important aspect of the video business or vlogging. If you are not creating the best thumbnails for your video then you should know that you cannot get potential users, subscribers, customers and lead, also know that you can also lose all of them with bad thumbnails.

All you need to know about thumbnails!

A video thumbnail is very much an important part of your video, and it is a smaller version of a larger image that can be and cannot be a part of the original video. A thumbnail is also commonly known as the name of the video itself. Thumbnails are the first impression of your content on your users, so you have to be very careful in managing them. You should make sure that the thumbnail attracts the users, if a person scrolls downs after watching your thumbnail then you must know that there is something wrong with your creation and you have to fix it. ]

Here are some of the stars that you should consider while making a thumbnail by yourself or with a reputed thumbnail maker tool.

  • Always follow recommendations of google as the size of the thumbnail is concerned. If you don’t know about the size recommended by google, then know that the resolution that you must follow is 1280×780 and the aspect ratio should be 16:9.
  • You should also focus on the file size of the thumbnail, especially if you are using a thumbnail maker tool. The ideal size of a thumbnail is 2Mbs, so make sure it doesn’t exceed this size.
  • The acceptable formats of the thumbnail are JPG, PNG, GIF! You should know that reputed thumbnail maker apps can help you create them in these formats.
  • You should focus on the visibility and the scalability of the thumbnail and make it perfect for all devices, including smart TVs, smartphones and desktops as well. Thumbnail maker tools can help you in the making of most compatible thumbnails for your content.
  • Make sure you are not copying content and the thumbnails that are being used by other publishers as it can have a very negative effect on your channel. Keep this in mind, especially if you are using a YouTube thumbnail maker application!

Thumbnail Maker for YouTube – Create Channel art

There are many thumbnail maker apps on the internet, but you must use the most reliable platform for making thumbnails. If you want to make your thumbnail compelling, then this is the best youtube thumbnail maker app that can help you with making your thumbnail and channel art for free. If you are interested in a YouTube channel or its better management, then this android app is the best one on the play store. You can download it on your smartphone and can start making thumbnails without any skills or experience!

Here are some benefits of using the thumbnail maker app!

  • You will not need different apps to make the video or the thumbnail as this app can help you in both ways without a doubt.
  • The creation process of the application is very much fast and is easy, and you don’t need to have any skills to use the editing tools by this app.
  • You don’t need to transfer your files after creation with this application, and you can simply nail the thumbnail after making it on the video using this versatile application.
  • You can also maintain consistency when it comes to YouTube channels. It is suggested that you use a single thumbnail if you are running a channel for your brand. This will give a very formal and professional look.
  • The dashboard of this tool is very handy, and you can set the video and swamp thumbnails, the best thing is that this app can also help you design a thumbnail which is not a part of your video

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