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The majority of businesses across the globe are unaware of the need for age verification, especially if you are operating online. For the same reason, the purchase of age-restricted products is not under control. Furthermore, underage drinkers are rapidly increasing with time along with a significant increase in drug use among minors. The regulatory authorities of different states are working on more stringent rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the minors. However, many companies are not complying with the laws.

What does age verification? Is it just a minor obstacle to scare young ones, or is there something more to know? Age verification is a process that is digitally performed nowadays. The process requires identity proof from the customer to verify whether the customer is fulfilling the state’s age requirements or not. Online age verification has enhanced the process and organizations can conveniently authenticate if a minor is providing wrong information to dodge age checks.

Not only gambling and drug stores need age verification, but many other sectors must perform age verification checks to ensure business credibility. Here’s a list of sectors that must comply with age verification regulations.

Alcohol Industry

The alcohol industry has always faced issues concerning minor buyers. With the introduction of online stores, the challenges have increased. Merchants do not have face to face interaction with the customer, so the chances of underage buyers have remarkably increased. Children can easily buy drugs and alcohol, which is not only harmful to their health, but sellers have to welcome hefty fines.

Gambling and Online Gaming Sector

Online gaming and gambling websites are generally age-restricted due to the content and high probability of addiction. Hence, know your customer verification is crucial for this industry, and age verification is an important part of the service. It helps in reducing the chances of non-compliance penalty and the hassle of regulatory compliance.

Cannabis Merchants

Cannabis is a growing industry and offers handsome income to anyone operating in this sector. There are two reasons why minors should not be a part of this sector at any cost. First, cannabis is used in harmful drugs that can be lethal to the health of minors if consumed. It leads to addiction and gradually deteriorates health. Second, underage sellers usually result in drug cartels, which is another rising threat to the economy. Indulging youngsters in criminal activities is easier. Hence, age verification is crucial.

E-Commerce Platforms

eCommerce platforms are now a huge industry that must add age verification too. With a variety of products available for sales, minors can easily get age-restricted items without any obstacles. Online age verification ensures seamless risk prevention and mitigating sales to minors.

Legal Sector

In certain cases, legal experts have to transfer rights when the person attains legal age. Some people try to manipulate legal representatives to acquire those rights before age. Hence, verifying age through identity cards is not enough, so there is a need for an online age verification solution.

Online Dating Platforms

Online dating websites are the perfect place for fraudsters to get in touch with innocent people, especially minors, and exploit them. According to a study from Psychology Today, at least half of the people on dating sites have lied about themselves. Pedophiles, murderers, rapists, and money launderers are commonly found on dating sites with fake identities. Allowing young ones to use online dating sites can expose them to all criminals on the platform. Hence, age verification is essential for their safety.

Summing It Up

Verifying age is an essential part of the KYC process. It ensures that businesses have onboarded adults to consume their products or services. Furthermore, it secures minors from accessing any age-restricted products. Industries like alcohol, gambling, online dating, cannabis, and the legal sector must add age verification software for efficiently filtering minors before they can lay hands on restricted items or unknowingly provide sensitive information to fraudsters.

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