A professional lead of an organization always needs to perform many tasks simultaneously. Organizing things together and setting them off at the right note has to be done systematically. There are times when the manpower we have is not enough for us to complete the task. Technology has come in handy for the business executives to finish their tasks seamlessly.

Mobile applications have become the norm and everyone is glad to have them on their smartphones. Business people are no exception, as it is helping them in many ways. It helps them to do their work in a systematic and organized manner. If we search for apps on business, there are millions of them available for us. But, we need to know which one will be the best one to choose from.

These business apps are available for use on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The applications are compatible according to the operating system used on their respective smartphones. There are people who own an Android phone as well as the iPhone. There are mobile applications that are compatible with both the kinds of phones and there are a few, which are compatible only with specific phones.

Let’s go ahead and check out the best of apps in the market of millions of apps to choose

1. Evernote

This application is specifically designed for capturing the brainstorming ideas of the business leads. We are aware of the fact that there are people who have millions of new, innovative and creative ideas working on in their minds. There are situations when we want to jot down these ideas somewhere so that we can refer to it later.

Evernote is one such mobile application for the business people to capture their ideas. Inspiring ideas for any organization is a big lead for it to flourish and excel. We can find multiple documents, texts, notes, and even the long lost handwritten notes too. The best part of this app is that we will be able to share our ideas with our team and teammates if needed.

2. Communicate

Communication is one of the most important factors for any organization. Only if, we are able to have a good conversation, our business would be a great success. In today’s generation, everyone is having their conversations with the help of texting or sending emails to their colleagues or teammates. There are situations when we are in different places and we need to pass the information to our team.

Communicate is a mobile application that helps people to communicate on the go. This application has features of texting, instant messaging, and voice messaging as well. We will be able to even to learn new languages, find translations and send common messages.

3. Duolingo

A business cannot be subjected to one particular location or sector. Any kind of business needs expansion, and it can be in many different locations across the world. When we want to expand our business to the various parts of the world, it is better that we know the local language. It will help us to have a good conversation with the traders and fulfill the requirements of the business.

Duolingo will help us to learn a new language; it has almost all the languages from around the world. We can read, speak and listen to the set of languages available on the mobile app. It helps us to have an analysis of, how long we have been leaning the new language? There is a specific icon of a heart to show us the progress in the learning of the language; an incorrect answer will reduce the number of hearts from the dashboard.

4. CM Security

There are even circumstances when people lose their smartphones and do not want the secured details to be breached by any means. And, they are a few people who would like to snoop into our personal details. We also receive calls from a few unwanted people as well as the never-ending calls from the endorsers.

CM security is here to help us out from all these kinds of chaos, it has multiple functionalities. We can block the numbers of the unwanted callers, clean the junk files of the apps, put a security lock to all the apps on the phone and we can also have a safe browsing history. It is a one-stop solution to all our security concerns, as it helps us to keep things simple and hassle-free.

5. ColorNote

There are many things which we do in a single day; there are chances where we forget to do certain things. If we are the lead for our business, then we don’t even need to ask, how hectic our schedule for the day would be like. We need to manage our professional life as well as our family life and we wish to do it in a systematic way, so it can go smooth without any hindrances.

ColorNote, this app has the ability to segregate the tasks under different notes. We have an option to put the notes under different colors. The colors will help us to manage different tasks under one note. Once we are done with the tasks we will be able to strike it out. After striking out the particular note, it will fade out, which means that our task is complete under the particular list. We can set reminders as well, and ColorNote will remind us on time so that we are not missing out on anything.

6. Yahoo Weather

Checking the weather and then setting our foot out for the day is also essential for us when we are travelling to different places for our business. There are applications that will provide us the updates on the weather. But, there is no such app that will provide us the images of the location with the weather conditions.

Yahoo weather does not only provide us the details of the current weather with the location. It also fetches the images of the weather of the location where we are present, at that moment. The application has its own design of keeping it neat and less cumbersome without many illustrations. It has the graphical design and interface which presents the details of the weather and the condition, as simple as that.

7. Mint

This is one such app that every business person would like to have with them. It helps them to track down the finances and expenses done. Mint, is one of the most popular and high rated apps in the market so far. We can just put up all the account details, credit card details, credit balances and everything which is related to the finance in one place.

The app has an interesting option, to fetch the details of the credit score we are presently having and provides us suggestions on improving it. We can easily keep the track of our budget, where we need to shift our focus, which expense is a necessity and which can be avoided. This app is not only for a business person, but it is also for anyone who wants to maintain a good budget and keep track of the finances.

In Conclusion:

Consistency is the major factor for any business professional, it helps them to progress. Decision-makers of an organization are the assets; they bring the turning point to the business. They do face a few situations where they are left clueless and seek solutions. If their ideas, innovations, creativity were put in the right place then it will be a great help to them. These applications are going to be of great help for the business executives to have a wonderful business endeavor to get bigger and better in the future.

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