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Professional Outfits: Your old oversized tees don’t always work. Comfort and fashion don’t always work simultaneously, but they should. There’s no excuse the clothes you wear to the office can’t be the same alternatives you throw on to work from home or look presentable on video chats.

With everything happening globally right now, it’s more significant than ever to have cloth storage that doesn’t make you compromise one for the other. We selected these alternatives to satisfy both needs—for whatever your day has in store.

If you’re sitting at a desk all day, the last thing you want is to be stuck in uncomfortable and boring office wear. Fortunately, there are several ways out there for us comfort-seekers. Instead, think of wide-leg trousers, slouchy cardigans, wrap-around jumpers and super-soft jumpsuits.

Even if you want to wear your gym leggings, why not throw on one of these comfy yet chic jumpers, or replace it with a dazzling smock dress and chunky trainers. Our article will work as the best guide for professional outfits can better aim at their goal using the best red dot sights.

1. Cotton Jersey Henley Shirt

You can use a basic henley for a long, tiring day. This product from H&M makes it easy to roll up your sleeves and concentrate on the task at hand. You can wear it in several ways. You’ll want one in every colour.

2. Runner Short and Tank

Maybe fresh gear is just the inspiration you need to get a new workout routine going. Or to get a nap going. Your choice.

3. Drawstring Knit Shorts

When the weather is scorching for pants, but you can’t just sit around in your underwear, these knit shorts can rescue you that day. Wear them to work out or to hang out. There’s no wrong way to do it.

4. Berkeley Slippers

It isn’t easy to find a slipper that can double as a natural shoe when you need it. These will keep your feet nice and warm, and the rubber sole makes them long-lasting enough to wear outside the house if you require to go for a quick walk around the block or take the trash out.

5. Slub Curved Hem Tee

There’s absolutely a hierarchy in the essential tee world, and Buck Mason’s slub curved offering is toward the top of that list. The loose-knit, textured material provides plenty of breathabilities. It’s the kind of shirt you’ll want.

6. Athletic-Fit Jeans

The stretch fabric helps create flexibility and durability that some other denim brands never reach and at a fraction of the cost.

7. Earl Linen Blend Shirt

If your day needs a collared shirt, go for linen. Professionals created this Danish design for the active, modern lifestyle. It will work for your slightly less active virtual happy hour or video conference call.

8. Fleece Sweatpants

Purchasing sweats that appear like khakis can fool a lot of people looking at you through a screen. If you already don’t know the Richer Poorer’s loungewear line, now is the time to upgrade to a higher quality sweat.

9. Relaxed Fit Camp Collar Shirt

You’re going to buy almost every option in the Bonobos camp shirt collection. But if you have to select just one, this simple striped style can work in just about any circumstance.

10. Short-Sleeve Towel Shirt

When the hot weather hits and you require something to look good and keep you cool and comfortable, this towel shirt will keep the sweat at bay. If you’re sitting at home, live your best life and wear it open.

11. Jake Chino Short

Be prepared when shorts weather sneaks back upon you. You might already know about DL’s jean and chino offerings, and the brand’s shorts are equally as impressive. The “Barons” colour can work with just about any shirt. You pair it with any shirt or T-shirt. Slip-on the Birkenstocks also on this list, and you’re set for summer.

The solution to comfy but still put together workwear is to pair comfortable pieces with other items in your wardrobe. For instance, try a pair of slouchy trousers with your beloved chunky trainers and your usual smart-ish work tee. Another way to amp up the comfort is with a super soft jumpsuit, it’s essentially an adult onesie, and we’re not mad about it. If you need to smarten it up, attempt wearing it with a longline blazer or smart white trainers.

If you want to go full loungewear, an oversized cardigan is a way to go. Use it to cover up any professional outfits and make it feel like you’re back in bed. Hence, these are 11 clothes to wear for your work from home.

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