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Ever wish you could know what happens on your kid’s iPhone? Well, surveilling an adult’s phone is a nasty stalker-type act, whereas monitoring your child’s device is totally cool. After all, no kid is safe if left to their cell phones without supervision.

With smartphones and the internet around, it can be challenging to track all your child’s whereabouts. They could be interacting with bad people or accessing inappropriate websites since no one is watching over them.

It’s every parent’s responsibility to protect their children’s wellbeing. You can begin monitoring your child’s phone using tracking applications like TeenSafe. Here, we present the 10 best apps to track kid’s iPhone for free in 2020.

Part 1: TeenSafe – A Top iPhone Parental Control App


TeenSafe is the leading parental monitoring application that’s tested and proven to help parents save time and have peace of mind. There’re no third-party consultations because it allows you to track your kid’s iPhone directly from your PC or phone.

That’s why over a million parents across 190+ countries rely on TeenSafe’s capabilities to monitor their children. It’s simple, reliable, and works 100% discreetly to update you with your kid’s movement without them knowing.

You can take advantage of TeenSafe’s 35+ elements to track all phone happenings on your child’s iPhone. These features have often been talked about in big media companies like Business Insider, Tech Advisor, and 9to5Mac.

With only the iCloud username and password, TeenSafe gives you access to every bit of data that you need. Use the app for location tracking, web filtering, screen time management, call log analyzing, reading iMessage, and more.

All your/kid’s data is protected as TeenSafe doesn’t cache any info on its servers. Instead, it synchronizes everything using the iCloud backup feature and gives real-time results. Its high-security restrictions ensure that no one can access your information, not even the tech gurus.

The software is compatible with all iOS devices and takes under 5 minutes to setup everything remotely. After TeenSafe syncs with your kid’s iPhone, you can instantly track all that takes place on their device.

No particular expertise, programming knowledge, or phone alterations are required. TeenSafe is easy-to-use and doesn’t ask you to download an app. Your kid’s iPhone security isn’t breached at all since you aren’t asked to jailbreak their device.

TeenSafe is a fully online platform. It uses cutting-edge tech to operate stealthily, and your kid will never find out. You can access your online dashboard at any time and from any place via any web browser.

What you need to get started is reliable internet connectivity and a subscription plan that suits your tracking needs. You can track children’s phone with TeenSafe app anonymously and without ever having to touch their iPhone. Now, let’s check out how easy it is to setup TeenSafe.

Steps to Start Monitoring Your Children’s iPhone Without Jailbreak


Step 1: Visit the TeenSafe website and register for a new online account. Use your email address as the username, create a password, and then pay for a subscription plan for iOS.

Step 2: A confirmation email will be sent to you.


Click on the “start monitoring” button to be taken to the control panel. Enter the kid’s name, age, and select their device operating system as iOS.

Verify the child’s iCloud credentials and wait for it to be configured.


As you advance with the setup wizard, choose the iPhone backup that’s linked to your children’s iCloud ID.


Step 3: After installation, hit the “start” button to be directed to your TeenSafe dashboard and view the child’s iPhone summary.


Step 4: On the left side menu on your screen, you will view all exclusive features of TeenSafe. Look for the location feature to begin tracking your kid’s iPhone GPS location.


Part 2: Monitor Your Kid’s iPhone for Free with Spyic


Among the best iPhone tracking apps available online is Spyic. It’s reliable and can be trusted for featuring several times on major media outlets. It works remotely and doesn’t require jailbreaking.

Part 3: Use Spyier to Conveniently Track Your Children’s iPhone


Spyier surveillance solution is a reputable brand in the phone monitoring industry. The tool can be used by anyone as it doesn’t require any coding skills. You can track an iPhone or iPad without being detected.

Part 4: Know your Child’s Whereabouts with Minspy App


As one of the top iPhone monitoring software, the Minspy app allows you to track your kid’s phone activities 24/7. The pioneering brand is compelling and can be used to trace or find a lost iPhone.

Part 5: Spyine – Track a Kid’s iPhone Without Experience


Are you searching for the best way to track your child’s iPhone without special skills? Spyine monitoring tool is entirely web-based, and anyone can use the app. It operates using all web browsers and doesn’t need jailbreaking.

Part 6: Tracking Your Child’s iPhone Discreetly with Neatspy

Neatspy cell phone tracker application is cleverly designed to help you monitor your kid’s iPhone remotely. It’s compatible with iOS version 7.0 to the latest and uses stealth mode technology to remain unsuspected.

Part 7: Remotely Monitor your Kid’s iPhone with ClickFree

With increasing cases of cyberbullying and other online predators, it’s essential for parents to track their children’s devices. ClickFree allows you to see all that’s happening on your kid’s iPhone, including SIM cards, calendars, events, etc.

Part 8: Find Your Child’s Lost iPhone with Spyzie

Do you want to track your kid’s iPhone that was stolen or got lost? Spyzie phone tracker can help you achieve that quickly. Just like all these apps, Spyzie can trace GPS location, expose call logs, read iMessage, see browser history, etc.

Part 9: Track Kid’s iPhone/iPad with FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor incorporates unique iPhone monitoring features to help you achieve all your child surveillance needs easily. It doesn’t request you to jailbreak the kid’s iOS device, and you won’t download any app. All you need is the children’s iCloud details.

Part 10: Protect Your Child’s iPhone using SecureTeen

Our final parental control app that you can use to track your teenage son/daughter’s iPhone is the SecureTeen phone monitoring solution. It’s a trustworthy app that’s being used worldwide with millions of customers every day.


By now, you should have a hint of what’s the simplest way to monitor your teenage child’s phone. You can use these 10 best apps to track kid’s iPhone for free to see all that happens on their device. Check out TeenSafe’s live demo to feel how these apps work.

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