Boost Your Webinar Signups

Webinars are important tools to broadcast information, address to customer queries, and trigger leads. In order to give more exposure to your webinar, you must devise an effective sign-up strategy that results in more meaningful sign-ups. Although many marketers and companies that have never hosted a webinar speculate what works best to boost webinar sign-ups, surprisingly, the entire process is fairly simple to execute (when done in the right manner).

With a few simple fixes, such as optimizing your webinar date and utilizing your social media pages, you can get more people to sign-up for you. Regardless of how much information you are going to deliver in your webinar, it will be of little value without a significant number of sign-ups.

How to Start

Marketers, companies and businesses that have hosted a webinar before generally have a dedicated landing page where visitors can get the summary and watch the recording. This gives you an added advantage of triggering interested of both old and new audiences. However, if this is your first attempt, you should make all efforts to create a page where all your upcoming webinars are listed. Once you successfully set up this page, frequently optimize this page, which is specifically dedicated to your webinars only.

Include information describing the content of your webinar and clearly state who should attend it and how it will help the registrants. Here are a few ways to boost your webinar signups:

Get More Out Of Your Social Media Pages

One of the most popular methods to attract users is to promote your webinar through your social media pages. If you are guilty of sending just an email to get your subscribers excited, expect little or no reaction. Instead, highlight your webinar details by putting a short clip on YouTube and share it on other social networking pages, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Pinterest. Since the aim of your social media pages is to trigger more engagement, use this element to get more people to talk about your webinar to spark interest. You can track engagement and sign ups via social media marketing and analytic tools like

Moreover, you can also provide an insight of your webinar by adding a few selected sites from your content. Share them on Instagram or Pinterest so users can like or share them. With time, you will get to know which medium benefits you the most for boosting your signups.

Bring Out Your Webinar’s Value

Nobody wants to connect to anything that does not add any value to their current or future interests. Hence, never forget to highlight what’s in store for your audience in the webinar and how it will help them in their respective niche. Instead of going ‘all you need to know’ with your webinar introduction, try singling out important points of your webinar and list them in a bullet form. But don’t give it all away and keep the element of surprise alive to make people sign-up for your webinar.


Incentivizing visitors to register for your webinar is another great strategy to boost your signups. If you offer them a little something extra, such as a discounted service or a limited trial period, you are sure to get an impressive number of sign-ups simply through this offer. This was my major takeaway from the conversation I had with John, the Director and Co-Founder of Keen Digital You can select one lucky winner at the end of the webinar to maintain interest of all attendees until the end of the event. Sometimes, partnering with another brand to offer a prize is just what you need to get the best set of registrants for your webinar.

What Happens After Sign-Up

People who are enthusiastic to sign up for your event may end up not turning up on the day of your webinar. This could be due to any reason. They may have forgotten to mark the date on the calendar or are too busy to attend your webinar.

Some people only signup to get access to the replay. This suggests the aim of your registration campaign should not be restricted to just sign-ups. You must make sure you include all the right elements in your sign-up strategy to compel your audience to attend the webinar. This involves working on a post-signup marketing campaign. Get your subscribers excited to know what’s going to happen in the webinar and what they can accomplish by attending it. Moreover, an email reminder, 30 minutes before the webinar time also nudges the registrants to turn up.

Final Thoughts

Getting people to sign up requires smart marketing efforts. However, retaining the same set of your audience to get them interested in your next webinar is a different story. Continue to reach out to your registrants before and after the event. Present a small post-webinar survey that asks attendees about their feedback. Incorporate all useful suggestions and recommendations in creating the content of your future webinar. This way, your attendees will feel valued and will be more likely to sign-up for your next event.

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