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Rikki is an event manager and planner for a USA based AV Rental Company having its footprints across entire Europe and United States. Rikki loves to write on latest and trending stories that emerge in the world of business. Besides working she reads blogs and listens to political debates.

Event managers and planners often hesitate from the use of Audio-Visual and Virtual Reality for business meetings and events. Nevertheless, using the latest technology could bring enormous benefits to the gathering, many fears using and getting the most out of it. However, the same population is always ready to use the latest Audio-Visual equipment. The matter is just getting out of the box and trying something new. Here in this guide we will have a look at how to leverage the power of AV and VR for professional gatherings.

Event Marketing using latest Virtual Reality trends:

The marketing for event starts right after the date has been kicked off. Where using the latest social media and digital marketing trends can provide share ability and better promotion of business over the social media, the glimpse of latest technological advancements may work in grabbing the attention of potential targets. You can use these glimpse before and during the fair to make it shareable by audience and increase interactivity. Remain active on all your social profiles and use the same technique to target the audience on all platforms. Use similar hashtags, similar graphics and post engagement blurb also helps finding the post across different platforms.

iPad remains a boom for managers and planners:

Though audio-visual technology gets updated frequently but we have not seen this case with tablets and Apple’s iPad. From the time Apple launched its iPad in 2010 it was clear that this device would make way to the corporate world. And it did and what now we have is that no business event like meeting, trade show, conference or any other corporate gathering can work without these gadgets. It can bring a number of benefits to the analytics and can also bring tons of Return on Investment for any of the gathering. The biggest benefit is that you can hire it from any AV rental company in USA for corporate events at a very low budget price.

Create 3600 video tours and promote the venue on social media:

This is the best practice so far to attract visitors and persuade them to have the registration form filled out. 3600 videos give a very clear view of the whole venue and allow viewers to take a brief idea of the venue instead of having to visit personally to figure out. It can also help in choosing the right place, as you can easily get it shared among the circles and the debate may continue with serious pros and cons coming your way.

Augmented designs works best:

To get the most out of your place, it is very important to evaluate any space from the user’s perspective rather than using your own. Plus, it is the best technique to get the team working to evaluate because when different minds meet together, something nice cooks up. Take hosts also to participate in the quest for choosing the right ora of meeting, trade show, or any other professional gathering.

Giant LED and iPad walls:

Once again iPad plays an important role in here to bring more productivity and interactivity to the professional meeting, conference, seminar, presentation of any other corporate event. Giant LED walls work best in trade shows and conferences but leveraging the tablet is another step increasing interactivity between the audiences, managers and speakers.

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