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E-commerce is becoming viral with its amazing benefits and advantages that online businesses experience. E-commerce is now becoming the top effective marketing channel in the digital world. To boost the e-commerce sales, the Email Marketing is playing a vital role. Gone are the days, emails used only for official and personal communication, now the trend is gradually changing that email marketing is now taking its full shape entering into the business world.

There is no doubt that any e-commerce business adopting email marketing strategies can certainly experience the expected benefits, revenues and popularity as desired.

Reasons to Choose Email Marketing

  • It helps keep in touch with the old customers by reminding them about their previous purchase and keep them up to date with the new arrivals
  • It is used to reward loyal customers by offering amazing discounts and special offers
  • It helps to reach many new customers beyond the geographical limitations
  • It makes the task of reaching targeted audience quickly in an effortless way
  • It helps to fine tune the marketing campaign and boosts the sales
  • It helps to generate more successful leads

Tips to Increase eCommerce Sales using Email Marketing

There is no doubt that about 90% of the emails sent gets delivered to the intended recipients. Moreover, about 2% of the Facebook fans are expected to see the posts in their News Feed. Unlike social media approach of marketing, email marketing is absolutely versatile and it is a fantastic approach to reach the audience with higher relevancy. Emails can bring customers to the online stores consistently.

Here follows some effective tips and strategies to boost your e-commerce sales using email marketing:

An email campaign will not only drive traffic and convert to sales but also engage your customers with the current happenings and special offers. There is no doubt that everyone tends to spend time checking their emails and if they find something catchy, then there is no doubt that your email will also be noticed and visited. If you wish to be connected with your potential customers and buyers, then send emails consistently like new product introductions, showcase products, tell about new offers and discounts, welcome new subscribers, promote a contest, tell a story and much more.

Consider Holiday Sales

Another effective approach to boost your e-commerce sales is to introduce holiday sales. Email marketing becomes an effective tool to drive holiday sales. It makes communication easier to remind your customers about the holiday sales and encourage them to shop. You can send emails related to holiday sales like re-stocked product announcements, new product announcements, gift guides, follow-up messages about the purchase and shipping and much more.

Special Campaigns

The special campaigns of email marketing can further bring your customers engaged and informed about the exclusive product runs, special sales, VIP access and much more. It helps to promote seasonal offers. This approach can certainly drive sales, even more than what is expected if adopted in an appropriate way.

Send Tailored Message

Remember all customers are not same and the information to be conveyed would differ. Therefore, try to categorize customer data to send tailored message. This will help to send more relevant information to the customers, and thus the chances of the recipients ignoring the email reduces. This becomes one of the successful approaches of email marketing. In a simple term, this state’s about sending personalized messages to the customers.

Retain Existing Customers

Any business would realize the fact about how difficult it is to acquire new customers than retaining the existing ones. Moreover, the referrals received by existing customers in the other term increases the number of leads received. Therefore, email marketing is inevitable in retaining existing customer through its unique approaches. As one of the techniques of retaining your existing customers, you can ask them for their feedback on the product and services offered an overall perception of the brand and much more.

Send the Email at Right Time

The time and period you send the emails also play the important role in turning it successful. For instances, sending New Year and Christmas offers right in the months of November and December would be more appropriate than extending it January. Similarly, sending year-end sales offer in the month of December would be welcoming and effective. Therefore, consider sending emails at the right time to make your marketing campaigns successful.

Final Note: 

Regardless of various techniques and approaches, you are going to adopt for e-commerce sales, the importance of email marketing cannot be ignored. Email marketing has proven to be effective giving visible success rate. However, try to keep your customers top of mind before proceeding. Fulfilling the expectations of customers is the core element of success for any e-commerce business and gain consistently increasing sales.


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